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Online Journalism

reflections on a changing medium

1) breakdancing in Buffalo? I know that there are several groups of breakdancers here, and this would be a very visual idea. I actually photographed and interviewed several breakdancers over the summer while in Chicago over the summer and might be interested in pursuing the idea.

2) used bookstores – are they successful, or are these businesses dying? Buffalo has many of them. It would be interesting to talk to the owners and the customers who frequent them.

3) vintage clothing shopping  – many people (including me!) buy secondhand clothing from thrift stores and consignment shops. I could explore this, going on shopping with some of these people.

4) bingo fanatics – organized bingo games at places like churches and firehalls has been something that I have always known about. It seems like there are always people playing bingo somewhere or another. I kind of wonder what the regulars are like and what the draw to the game is.

5) bicycling – Buffalo has a big bicycling community and many bike shops that encourage community members to build their own bicycles from recycled parts or to rent bicycles as an eco-friendly, cost-efficient method of transportation.



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