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reflections on a changing medium

So far, I’ve  been using this Web site for information about bingo schedules and venues in Western New York. It’s really convenient! I have attended bingo games at St. Andrew’s on Sheridan Drive in Kenmore, the Knights of Columbus in Cheektowaga and Our Lady of Hope in Kenmore. Each place was a little different from the others, some with smoking/non-smoking rooms, some with alternate bingo rules, some with larger crowds and bigger jackpots, etc. I have only been able to take photos at the Knights of Columbus so far.

I plan on continuing to take photographs this week and continuing to explore new bingo venues to see which is the best for taking photos and talking to players. I plan on attending Saturday bingo at Cardinal O’Hara high school this week to get some more material. I have spoken to several people but have yet to approach anyone for a video interview. I am really hoping to meet a few different people who would be interested in talking to me, in depth, about themselves and about their bingo-playing so that I can explore the lives of those who play and maybe find out why they play, what their lives are like outside of the bingo halls and so on.

Also, on this part of the the bingo Web site that I posted, there is a short blurb about Jackie “Jocko” Jacko, a local bingo player who has been playing for 25 years! He seems like just the person to talk to. I cannot find any contact information for him online, but have emailed the Bingo Planner Web site and have found out that he is also a local musician and that he frequently plays at restaurants in the area. This might be interesting to pursue. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to him!

I have several family friends and am currently planning a weekend bingo trip with them. This might be a good idea as we would already be comfortable with each other and interviews should go smoothly.


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