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Online Journalism

reflections on a changing medium

In the article “The Video Explosion,” Charles Layton says that young journalists who have the skills to shoot photos, video and to write traditional print stories could be the future. With the leading medium of online news journalism changing from print to multimedia content like audio, video, and photo slideshows, it is important for emerging journalists to be prepared for any sort of assignment. While the role of future Web journalists is still not completely well-defined, it easy to see that more is expected of them than ever before. ‘I didn’t want to be someone who just wrote stories and only did that because that’s the only way I know how. I see a journalist being able to write, to shoot video, collect audio… Or, at a minimum, a journalist should know how this whole thing works,’ says reporter and video producer Evelio Contraras.

In news media today, journalists have a wide range of proficiency in regards to these new skills. In regards to online video content, Layton says, “….much of it disappointing, some so awful it makes you cringe, and some reasonably well executed but trivial… but a small proportion is excellent by any standard…” This variety can be seen in the videos that we have had the opportunity to view in class. The Buffalo News video “Jeff Miers reflects on the Grammy Awards night”, for example, was an example of something cringe-worthy while most of the LA Times video work featured on their site  is excellent


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