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Online Journalism

reflections on a changing medium

So far, production work has been a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed working with audio/images/text in the different ways that we have.

By having an end product in mind I have been able to get a lot of good main and supplementary photos, footage and interview clips in order to put my pieces together. This has been working out well for me so far and I have yet to sit down to edit only to realize that I’m lacking one crucial piece. I think that thus far I have always tried to gather a little bit more material than I think is necessary just to be on the safe side.

Throughout production I have definitely had a few equipment mishaps. Once, my batteries ran out during a game of bingo, and another time I did one of my very first bingo interviews only to realize upon completion that I hadn’t put a memory card in my camera. Other  times, the sound on a video or two will be mysteriously missing when I upload my clips to my computer. Through all of these things I have had to either go back and give it another try or talk to someone else or use other material in the original’s place.

So far, the video project seems to be the most challenging. I think that this is partially due to the fact that the end of the academic year is very hectic and the only time that I have been able to work on my project has been when my schedule permits me to go to the Mac lab or when a friend allows me to use their computer. Currently, my project is on a computer at school that another student is using. Hopefully I will get the chance to upload it to YouTube today so that I can post it on my blog!


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