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In “Case Studies: Blogs and Journalism,” Chapter 9 of Axel Brun’s Gatewatching, the question of whether or not blogging is “journalism” is discussed. After reading the entire chapter and considering my own experiences with blogging, reading blogs and reading aggregated blog news sites I have formed my own opinions about this issue. I believe that blogging is journalism, but like many others, I feel that blogging is very different from traditional “journalism.” Blogging is more of a form of grassroots citizen journalism. Now, with the wide availability of simple computers and high-speed Internet service, almost everyone has access to the tools necessary to digitally record and publish information for the world to see. Of course the digital divide does keep some underprivileged and working class Americans and others in different areas of the world in the dark, without a platform to express and share their ideas and opinions, but in America this is becoming less and less of an issue.

Now, with blogs and blog aggregation sites it is easier to find news about a specific topic from a wide spectrum of viewpoints. Also, the news that is being disseminated today is of a wider subject variety as the public agenda is no longer being set by an exclusive class of professional journalists. Rather, grassroots journalists and ordinary people are harnessing more informational power and setting the public agenda themselves.

While large, professional news outlets are still revered by many as accurate and trustworthy sources of news, blogs and blog sites such as The Huffington Post and The Drudge Report are gaining readership and notoriety in the world of news media.


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